We hope you are having a great summer. 

Did you know we sell fresh local salad mixes and herbs as well as have fresh organic bread delivered. Come and check out The Kiwi Pantry.

We're open every day 8 AM - 5 PM for all-day breakfast, lunch, and everything in between.

Come to Chester and enjoy a walk in our beautiful village.

We are fully licensed with a nice selection of imported and local wines. We're proud to serve Nova Scotia Craft beer.

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It's always sunny in Chester.

We have expanded, more room for us to showcase some great local and imported products.


Find us at 19 Pleasant Street, Chester Nova Scotia, Canada (902) 2751492





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    Kiwi Cafe Refreshment

    Java Blend Coffee Roasters, a small family run business, has been roasting premium coffees since 1938. They take pride in their second-generation customers. Only the finest high-grown Arabica beans are freshly roasted daily in small batches, right in the Java Blend's Halifax, Nova Scotia shop. Java Blend's beans are selected for their flavor and the care and attention given to the fragile environment where they are grown. They are OCTA certified organic.

    Propeller Craft beers are made in small batches, for local customers only. The focus is on distinctive full-bodied taste and aroma, achieved by using the best ingredients. At Propeller Brewery, it's all about taste. If you enjoy an all-natural beer, ginger beer or root beer.. . and are visiting Nova Scotia, treat your taste buds to a Propeller!



    Flat White

    Mocha Latte

    White Mocha Latte
    Chai Latte
    Caffe au Lait
    Long Black/Americano
    Kiwi Kicker – espresso shot added to brewed coffee 
    Baby Chino
    Brewed Coffee
    Flavour Shots
    Pot of Tea
    Steamers- tea & steamed milk
    Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate
    White Hot Chocolate

    Kiwi’s Iced Tea 

    Kiwi Coffee Frappe

    Cold Brew Coffee

    San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
    Also available: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Italian Soda (lemon,grapefruit,blood orange or orange), Tomato Juice, Orange Juice, Cranberry, Apple Juice, Chocolate Milk, Milk, Propellor Natural Soda (Root Beer, Ginger Beer) Lemonade, Ice tea, jones Sodas.

    try an Arnold Palmer, add vodka!


    Beer, Local and Imported

     Keiths,Keiths Lite, Corona, Propellor Bitter-Honey Wheat, Boxing Rock Brewery, Hunky Dory and Temptation Red, Peroni

    Wine, please check our ever changing blackboard menu for our current selection.

    Bulwark, local cider, New Ross


    Dark’n Stormy (Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Propellor Ginger Beer) 

    Caesar (Absolut Vodka, clamato juice, and spices)

    Pimms, the drink of summer 

    Mimosa (Bubbles Sparkling wine with OJ ) 

    Prosecco with Fresh Berries